Thursday, April 3, 2014

Invalidated voices

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Now I am posting it as a blog.

In this post, I address three common myths. I have attempted to make this post succinct, comprehensive and simple to understand.


There should be no validity assigned to the ableist assumptions that Aspie voices are not real/valid Autistic voices, or that FC is not real/valid typing.

However, since these views are so widely held and seem to be a barrier to people assigning any validity to the neurodiversity perspective, let me address a few misconceptions about the neurodiversity movement.

1. "All self-advocates and neurodiversity advocates have Aspergers or HFA, or are verbal or independent."

The fact that "independence" and "functioning level" are vague, nonlinear and subjective aside, this is not true. There are a number of neurodiversity advocates who are nonverbal/nonspeaking or who have been labelled low-functioning.

2. "All nonverbal neurodiversity advocates use FC."

Again, this is not true. Henry Miles Frost, Emma Zurcher Long and Emma Studer are three examples of nonverbal/low verbal Autistic people who are able to type independently or using methods other than FC.

3. "FC is the facilitator speaking, not the nonverbal person."

Here is a link to an interview with Amy Sequenzia that addresses this. I recommend that you read it all the way through.

Now. That being said.

Stop invalidating our voices.


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