Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The so-called "benefits" of ECT

The joys of shock therapy. Pain, subjugation... and "progress?"

Amy Lutz seems to think so.You see, she put her autistic child Jonah through shock therapy, and it really "worked" on him. All his problem behaviors? Gone. Just listen to her dazzling testimony:
"In March 2010, we decided to try ECT because we knew it had been used successfully at Kennedy Krieger on kids with dangerous behaviors who hadn’t responded to medication. Less than a month later, Jonah’s aggression was almost completely gone. Gone. And ECT stopped his rages without any of the personality changes or cognitive impairments you’ve heard a lot about during this hearing. Quite the opposite. According to Jonah’s school data, before ECT, he acquired an average of seven new skills per month. In December 2010, he acquired 52 new skills."

So they terrified and tortured him into responding. The same technique can be used to get information out of a soldier. But if someone was using this technique on our soldiers, there would be outrage all across the country about those bad people who were hurting our soldiers. So where's the outrage over this so-called therapy being used on autistic people? Oh, wait, that's right, I forgot. We're not people, we're behavior problems. We can't be emotionally damaged, because we don't have emotions, much less understand anything that's being done to us. So shock therapy doesn't really hurt us. It just trains us to respond - the way torture trains the subject of an interrogation to respond.

 Do what they want, and they won't hurt you anymore.  

Beneficial for both the autist and his family. How silly of me to forget that.